Sep 23, 2004

Country Egyptian Music for the English Speaking world!!

I’ve just discovered this dude today. This is the best introduction to Egyptian “country” music made easy to the English-Speaking world :-)
Title: Do you love me, By: Mostafa Helal, Album: Banat El-Arab (Arab Women)

This album is like varied fusion of Egyptian with other world music styles:

Do you love me: English in “country Egyptian music” style *** very funny
Zay Ma Teegy: techno fusion
Seedi Hosnak: Turkish/iran/iraq kind of mix
Saket: Western Classical fusion
Roht Fein: South America fusion
Banat ElArab: American Slow + fusion
Abdel Raheem: Brazilian fusion *** this one is fun

That said, this whole album’s music, while funny, is really average/below average ;-)