Dec 10, 2005

Listen to Aswat on the Radio/Live Internet Broadcast

Salam everyone,
So inshallah tomorrow I will be playing with Aswat Arabic-Music group on the KPFA Radio 94.1 FM from San Francisco downtown during the annual holidays fair.
Aswat will be playing 2:30pm to 3pm Pacific Time (12:30am Amman time).
You can listen to the broadcast online at
I'm the one playing the Nay, so look for my Taqasim before Ya Sidi Badri song.

note: do you know how to record live broadcast from the internet?

Hope you like us.

Dec 8, 2005

Teacher in Saudi is pardoned

In a previous post, Sabbah brought our attention to an ugly court decision in Saudi to slash & prison a middle-school teacher for something he said in class. Rumors has it that one of the princes issued the decision to capture him.
Well, apparently today a pardon was issued by the king for that teacher.

Mysteries of the legal system...

Shiekh El-Kubba: an Ode to Tarneeb

A funny song by my brother Muneeb. He recorded it several years ago.
Muneeb Arrabi - Shiekh el-Kubba.mp3

hope you like it

Dec 3, 2005

Swords and Sticks for Egypts Elections

This is soo unreal!! The guy has a sword in his hand and is about to slash the stick guy.

More photos here: