Dec 24, 2012

Newsweek's last print issue, but why?

Today Newsweek tweeted the picture below because on January 1st 2013 it'll be digital only.
While this is in part because people are spending much less on printed media, there's more to the story. They mixed up their audiences. Read more about this below the picture.
Inline image 2


Newsweek never seemed at home in either world since it merged with the digital Daily Beast, .... Caught between two worlds, Newsweek also struggled to find its voice. The magazine that once set the agenda on weighty topics was an odd fit with the irreverent Beast.

As a consequence, the magazine ended up vacillating between deadly serious and silly stunts, such as the "Diana at 50" cover that paired the deceased princess with Kate Middleton.

Dec 3, 2012

I can't find the Best Management Book Ever "High Output Management"!

Every other person on Quora question, including Marc Andreessen & Keith Rabois, and so many others, recommend 1 book for Peoples-Management:

High Output Management by Andrew Grove - ex-CEO & Chairman of Intel & its 3rd employee, written in 1983!

The book is about 30 years old, yet it is still considered the definitive guide. (Before it people swore by Management by Peter Druckers, the father of modern enterprise management)

Too bad the book is not on Audible. They released an Audio version of it on cassette in 1984, and I can't find a digital copy of it :-) Here's a summary of the book. (too bad doesn't have an abstract of the book).

Request to the geeks, please let me know if you can find this book in Audio format on the internet.

(old edition of the book is available here: