Jul 29, 2005

Kitsap Beach

Originally uploaded by arrabi.
testing Flickr's compatibility with the Blogger

Jul 27, 2005

Want to share your photos?

I wanted to give my uncle an easy-to-use powerful subscription to a photo-sharing site. I was SOOOO confused. There are SO MANY of these sites at very differing prices.
I found this "photo-sharing search engine" site very very useful:

Online Photo Resource Guide

Other good links:

kinda useful:


I also know that dotphoto.com is weak. So far, my choice is fotki.com. phanfare.com seems very good but expensive. Ofoto.com (now Kodak) gets a lot of praise, but I'm not sure. picturedigger.com seems interesting... didn't try it yet. Webshots.com has a lot of people. Nice place to browse.
hope you find this useful.

Jul 6, 2005


It has been a while since I've last blogged... many reasons, but mainly got married, and so I blog verbally now :-).
I'm trying the new ImageBlog feature... and this is my first try. The beautiful autumn of Seattle...