Jul 21, 2007

Checker is SOLVED! and a robotic fly spy!

Scientists have created a tiny fly robot for surveillance purposes.

The Checkers game is pronounced DEAD! It's SOLVED. There's a book of moves now (well, a computer program), that is guaranteed not to lose. How did they do it? they ran the program for 18 years!

Jul 19, 2007

My beautiful retarded new phone Motorla KRZR

This phone looks good but IT IS HORRIBLE TO USE!!

The Camera is very nice 2MP. The Sound is very good. But USABILITY IS ZERO!

I'm sure the designer of this phone does not use it!

Examples of Problems:
1- Just try to get to the Calendar: you have to go to Main Menu, Settings, Tools, and then Calendar. WHO PUTS THE CALENDAR IN THE CONTROL PANEL!?!?

2- The utility buttons on top (usually OK & Cancel) KEEP CHANGING POSITION. Each window redefine them in a contradictory way. Sometimes OK is on the right, sometimes it is on the left. !?!?

3- The phone book is SLOW. When I look for people, I hit "down arrow", and then click "2" 3 times to get to the C letter. Usually, the phone book is so slow to come up, it catches only the third click. I have to delete all the letters I typed, and then typed from beginning. When this happens EVERYTIME you want to look for somebody, it is IRRITATING. My 3 years old nokia was faster.

4- There many many options that cannot be customized. For example, I cannot redefine the shortcuts menu!?!?

5- If I set a special ring for somebody, even their SMS use that ring. WHY WOULD I WANT THAT!? I want a simple beep for my sms, and an id ring only if somebody calls me. There is NO WAY to do this with Krzr.

Ah.... please, take back your phone, and send me my old Nokia back!