Dec 17, 2008

Mohammad Asha, Dr Evil, is Acquitted & FREE

"Doctor Evil" as some British newspapers dubbed Mohammad Asha, has been acquitted by the UK courts & set free!
I hope the British media would clear his image just like it associated it with terrorism.

Mohammad & I went to the same Jubilee high school in Jordan. He was few years younger than me. It's great that he's finally free. Too bad he had to waste more than a year of his promising life waiting in custody.

(2 page details on him, the incident, and the reasons for keeping him as a suspect)
http://www.timesonl tol/news/ uk/crime/ article5353487. ece

(on why he was a suspect - very short)
http://www.theheral news/display. var.2475757. 0.Glasgow_ Airport_terror_ attack_Profile_ Mohammed_ Asha.php

(on his mistreatment by UK police)
http://news. 2/hi/uk_news/ 7773727.stm