Jul 18, 2004

Pics of Amman

I took these pictures. I guess I need to add comments ... will do soon
enjoy for now


  1. The picture of the amphitheatre is gorgeous. You must have played with the exposure time to get the light just right -- you can tell by the blurry people.

    What are the two light sources on the right? I know that Jordan is hot, but surely it still only has the one sun, right?


  2. Hehehe.. Let me guess.. you must be Eric Lippert!
    The picture was actually taken after sunset, so the two light sources are Mars and the Moon.... ... ..

    These are street lights. The slow shutter speed made them look bigger than they are. Hope this solves the mystery. Unfortunately I couldn't take good pictures of the ampitheatre itself. It was closed everytime I went there, since run on government time.