Oct 24, 2005

Good English-Arabic auto-translation site/program?

I want to buy an auto-translation program/site-subscription for my mother. She will use it mainly to read Biology/Science related sites. So, I've embarked on an "evaluation" mission for all the products currently available. For now I'm just collecting links to auto-translators (that support English-to-Arabic).

Mr/Ms reader, if you know of any other sites that I do not list here, please let me know (in the comments box).

So far, all the ones I've tried range between terrible and bad. I can't find any "sensible" translator. My currently evaluation/test page is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye

http://www.systranbox.com/systran/box (5/10)

http://www.arabsgate.com/trjm/ (very basic)

http://tarjim.sakhr.com/sakhr/ (can't try it yet)

http://www.sendbad.net/dload/ptarjmah.php (download site)

http://www.almisbar.com/salam_trans_a.html (can't try it yet)

http://www.cimos.com (bad translation)

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  1. Salam ya basha,

    have you tried Ajeeb? i heard they have good English to Arabic dictionary and they also offer the webpage auto translation service.