Jan 24, 2006

Can you top my Pizza Hut Salad-bar tower?

Making the most of my Pizza Hut Salad Bar trip. Can you top me?
and don't give me "oh, the other day I was able to fit 3 feet of coleslaw in my dish". SHOW ME EVIDENCE!
This would be a nice blontest :-) [blog-contest, for those asking]


  1. DAMN. That must contain like 4000 calories. Probably twice your daily calorie intake. This by itself will make you full.

    I hope you shared that with some other people.

  2. No offense at all ya Arrabi, but you ain't got nothin' on my salad towers. I have mastered the art of combining the female sense of how to put things together in the most compact way possible along with the primal need for taking maximum advantage of the money I'm paying for the ONE TRIP allowed to the Pizza Hut salad bar in Amman. (Is that still the case, that you can only go to the salad bar once?)