Mar 27, 2006

"Think outside the Box" ... Bingo!!!

This is a follow up to Wael's post "DON'T THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX".

There are like around 20 buzz phrases (e.g. "Think outside the box", "customer-focused", "results-driven", "leadership", "empowerment") that every incompetent manager LOVES to use, in both fluent & broken English, and can't say a sentence without them. To make these managers stop, I suggest using the Buzzword Bingo cards! Dilbert tells us how to use them:

Supposedly, the MIT students used one during Al Gore's lecture in 1996!!
A nice buzzword generator:
enjoy ya Wael!


  1. :)
    Me and a friend use to play a similar game, each one gives the other three words they have to use in a meeting, the weirder and more irrelevant the better. Short sentences were tried too, to much hilarity I might add, "donkeys are shorter than horses" in a marketing meeting is probably my favourite to date :)

  2. I love that dilbert sketch lol and i've played buzzword bingo ever since i first read it!