May 15, 2007

A nice read "Inside the Madrasa"

A very nice piece by an intriguing Islamic intellectual:
Inside the Madrasa by Ebrahim Moosa. I met Dr. Moosa at Stanford in 2000. He was a visiting professor and I was a visitor to the Ramadan daily Iftars.

The article talks about Dr. Moosa's years studying at Indian Madrasas. I've heard about the Madrasa system from different people, and about the rivalry between the Deobandi schools vs others. This article brings to light many of these schools and their interesting development - information one wouldn't get but from an insider.

This is the first article I read by Dr. Moosa, and I have to say that I'm impressed. I'm interested in reading his Ghazali book now.


  1. pHey,

    I loved Guns, Germs and Steel.

    If you like non fiction books you might want to read “Shake hands with the Devil” By Romeo Dallaire.. Great book.

    I bought collapse but haven’t read it yet. Is it good?

  2. Salam Fadi :-)

    I'll check this book out. seems interesting.

    If you like GGS, then you will LOVE Collapse. And.. if you love GGS, then you will be like me and read & reread Collapse whenever you have time.

    Collapse is a great book, and it's written in a very entertaining fashion. Chapter 2 of the book is my favorite (about Easter Island) - it reads like a Horror novel.

    Hope you enjoy it...