Jun 28, 2007

The youngest Oud Master in the world, 15 years old!

I found this video by coincidence. Amazing video of Mohammad Abo-Thikra, who graduated from Beit Al-Oud (house of Oud) Academy at age 15. He studied with Naseer Shamma, considered to be the best technical oud player in the Arab world.

It is sad that such great accomplished is not known except by coincidence! Arab organizations, even well respected ones like Beit Al-Oud, do a very bad job announcing their news.


  1. Oh my god Mohammad ... this is AMAZING...
    Thank you so much for sharing ... This is really wonderful to hear.

    I completely agree with you that such talent is not under the light ... it's sad. We really suffocate talent while allowing crap to slip through to our minds as we download it through the satellite channels and other junk

    Thanks for sharing abu-hmaid ... from one Oud player to another ... thank you so much

  2. First, it's really good to be back to your blog.. i see you become an active blogger :)

    Anyway i agree with you.. How come we did not know about just young talent like this.. we only know about stupid bad singer who appears on silly shows like superstar