Sep 30, 2008

Delta vs RJ (JFK to Amman)

Delta has recently started offering direct flights from JFK to Amman. Thus, ending Royal Jordanian's long monopoly over such routes.

did anybody try Delta? so far I found one review only. would appreciate more input. I'm trying to decide where to buy tickets for my upcoming trip.

so far:
1- Delta prices are about $300 below Royal Jordanian, which is a lot (~20% difference)
2- Delta is said to have a private security company that does "additional screening" on the ground at Amman airport. Passengers have to hand over their passports and answer questions to that company first, and THEN go to the Government passports line.
3- Delta, just like other American airliners, are said to provide very little leg space (compared to European & RJ flights). not sure if this is true.
4- Delta flights are also rumored to have much more American Government/Army Officials. RJ flights have more children :-)
5- No matter what one can say about RJ, they do have good delicious food. American Airliners usually do not... However, Delta must be loading food from Amman, so, not sure.

if anybody has more info, that would be great.


  1. I tried Delta recently and I was pleasantly surprised They were great!
    The leg space is really a non-issue. It's exactly the same as (or better) than AA, United and the rest of the carriers

    Any flight that is headed to the US from Europe is subject to these "extra security" precautions. So it's no biggie.

    One advantage for Delta is that SkiMiles can be used for flights in the US, besides the fact that Delta has a much larger fleet than RJ.

    I'm afraid that this delta flight ends up being operated by Royal Jordanian and it's just a marketing thing. But if what you said is true, I would love to give it a try. Maybe in couple of months :)

    Oh, and Eid Mubarak, did they finalize it in your community yet?

  2. By the way, the lady in the article that you link to appears to have had a very miserable experience with Delta. I feel very discouraged now

  3. I'll be flying JFK AMM next week so I will let you know. My ticket was ~$972...I think 50-90 less than RJ. I am so happy there is no 72 hour reconfirming in Jordan with delta and I can use/collect my NWA miles! Better than the stupid RJ lame!

  4. Qwaider, well, the post was negative, but if you really look into it, it's not bad. the traveler was annoyed by american passengers. the airlines seemed normal.

    yfa, hamdellah ala esalameh. any update? how was the trip?

  5. we had a very bad experience..we had luggage worth 2000 which was stolen from jfk by the staff im sure..we had ps3s, rolex watches, etc. we flew from buffalo to jfk then jfk to amman and thats when it went missing, everytime we called they would tell us something different. they do not cover electronics cost also, we had no reimbursement for the bag. no room for legs is true. food was eh okay. there were kids but not as much as the RJ. prices were a little less than RJ but still were 1600 a ticket. this was last summer. i have a few cousins also who got their luggage stolen or lost by delta goin to amman..wont be taken delta again. thanks