Sep 5, 2012

Thoughts on book "The Startup of You" by ReidHoffman (LinkedIn cofounder)

I finished reading The Startup of You book recently, written by Reid Hoffman (LInkedin cofounder) & Ben Casnoca. I thought I'd share few comments about it.

The book is great for those who want to enter the "Business World":
  - either fresh college graduates 
  - or technical people who want to make the jump to business roles
It gives a number of recommendations - that are frankly similar to a lot of other books. But the style is direct & clear, which makes for an easy reading.

The book has some interesting stories about birth of "Web 2.0" - namely the Paypal Mafia (must read wiki page). For example: both Mark Pincus and Reid Hoffman bought the six-degrees patent early on. Mark created Zynga. Reid created LinkedIn. And they both were early investors in Zackerberg's Facebook, Path, Naseeb, Tribes, Flickr and Digg. (and many more). This makes you feel that Silicon Valley is just so small. [The book doesn't have details - just tips. look online for more]

In my opinion the book is not deep enough, with few exceptions, for people who have been in business roles for 3+ years. But it is very good for people about to enter this "business career" phase.

hope you like this.

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