Feb 1, 2006

Funny Syrians, but again creative

(You can guess that I've just come back from a trip to Syria :-))

Now, check this out... This elevator has a Lock!! And it's clear that it was manually added later on.

As cheesy as this might seem, but it's very creative. Things are not suppsoed to be in any certain way, but they should be practical.

A video-rental shop opened doors on the second floor of this building. Tenants got mad at the times the elevator broke down, so they decided that the shop's customers shouldn't use it. And to do so, they simply called a locksmith and installed this door-lock on the elevator.

Isn't it creative? ;-)
tell me you've seen this in Amman!


  1. Please submit this to Talasim.com, this a great syrian classic!