Feb 1, 2006

Syrian Creativity - take two

This is another example of what I term "Syrian Creativity".

The restaurant managers took an old Arabic house and rennovated it in a very professional and authentic manner, and turned it into a great restaurant. The whole experience is so complete - from the moment you enter the place, walk around, get the food, see the lights, the decor.. to the time you leave.

Why Damascus?

I can find over 10 makers of Ouds in Damascus, but only 1 in all of Jordan. Why?

Even books - there are many more yellow-page books in Damascus. Books that are cheap and accessible to all economic groups. But in Jordan, books are clean, white, imported, and expensive?

I'm not trying to hint to anything, or say that Syria is better than Jordan. I think we are much more organized and effecient in Jordan. But there's this "thing" that fascinates me about Syria, that I can never put into words. Something mysterious, an "originality" that I rarely see elsewhere.

Possibly, this is what people call "civilization".


  1. Is it the fact that Syrian is about 90% Syrians and Jordan maybe 25% Jordanians and the rest are Palestiians?

  2. I personally think that it has to do with the fact that Damascus is 4000 years old and Amman is 150 years old.

  3. this is some nice restaurant.. very clever and good incorporation of modern design (tables and chairs) with history.. everything else seems to be from Umayyah's time with the fountain in the middle and colorful walls and floor..

    Yes it's something called civilization. I saw in Baghdad this very old Khan (small motel)... i'm not sure but i heard it's as old as the Abbasi khilafa. It's been transformed into a traditional musical theatre where singers would come and chant old iraqi songs (mawwals) every thursday night.

    Funny comment about the 25% jordanians... let's not forget that jordanians were bedouins before palestinians moved to Jordan.. not that there's anything wrong with that cauz arabs are a bedouin nation :)