May 24, 2006

Magical HDR images

Our eyes see a huge amount of light-shades, but digital cameras can save only few of them at a time. The problem is exaggerated when an image has dim spots and strong-light ones. If the camera focuses on the dim spots, the strong-light ones are too white. And if the camera focueses on the strong-light spots, the dim ones are too dark.

A solution by HDR Soft company is to take several pictures with different exposure time/intensity, and then use their plug-in to merge them. Thus, the image will have 3x (or more) the number of light shades in a picture.

The resulting images are MAGICAL. Check this guy's album of China.


  1. Yeah, it's amazing, I tried it with some of my pictures and the results were amazing
    But this concept is hardly anything new. Maybe it's new for digital cameras, but it's been in the photography world for a long time.
    Photographers often used bracketting to generate these kinds of pictures and use exposure tricks while developping to produce these effects
    Awesome tool Arrabi .. Thank you VERY much

  2. Looks a bit surreal to me!

    Personally,I love to experiecne scenes at first hand with a magnificent tool called "eyes":p

    Anyhow, the guys gallery is nice. But the word Israel bugged me:)

  3. thanks Qweider, and I agree with you Ohoud. I didn't notice that the israel album before.