May 17, 2006

Pic of Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum, Jordan
Originally uploaded by malachei.
A picture of Wadi Rum. One must always wait for sunset/sunrise in any natural place. Pictures like this do not come with perpendicular rays.


  1. I dont know, but i feel people in Jordan are giving great attention and interest to Wadi rum, Everybody goes there takes pictures and posts them, there are trips every week, i go there like 4 times a year, just to sleep there and go to aqaba the following day, no big deal about wadi rum, its just that we dont have other places to talk about in Jordan!! what would we do if we were in Turkey or lebanon! ma beddi aba3ed :)

  2. So calm and relaxing!

  3. Ya Anonymous...
    Jordan is very rich when it comes to site seeing and places to enjoy. Wadi Rum is not the only please, but it's one of the places that were "Released recently" since it wasn't so excissable in the past nor ware there any regulation to trips so people would just be affraid to go. Other places had much more organized and governmental care that allowed them to boom. Petra, Jerash, Dead sea, Om Qasr and so on were all much easier and readily accissable

    Anyway, who doesn't like Wadi Rum!? If ou don't ... simple, don't go :)

  4. reagrdless of what other countries have, Wadi Rum is very beautiful and inpiring in a sufe-like manner. And it's not common to find places like Wadi Rum in other regions in the world.