Apr 4, 2007

The Kloran, book of the ... KKK!?

I'm reading Freakonomics, which is a great read if you're looking for something light, funny, very useful, and enhances one's way of thinking.

One of the very interesting facts it brought to my attention is that... the Ku Klux Klan, the white supremacist group, used a "secret language" between members. Many of the names had "KL" added to it.
Surprisingly, the name of the KKK's "bible" (or book of laws) is: Kloran. (The full text is available here).

Also, the "vice president" is called the Klaliff!! (see page 3)

Rituals: going around the "Klabee" (page 5). OK - so, not exactly. The Klabee is to the side and this is just the way to "sit down", not really a prayer ritual. But still, the illustration they have is just soo.. similar!

And keep in mind that in the first page of the "Kloran" it says that the Christian Bible & the US Constitution are the "greatest safeguards of liberty" (page 2).

Why? go figure!
I have the feeling that somebody pulled a prank against them, and then it was taken seriously!
I'll be looking. I'll let you know if I find out. Do you know? please leave a comment :-)

(drafted 7/7/06)


  1. klabee is the Treasurer of the Klan and YES the Bible and Constitution of the United States of America are very sacred to us. Grow up, Join the Klan!! AKIA Non Silba Sed Anthar

  2. I agree! Grow up and join the Klan@

    AKIA and PROUD OF IT!!

  3. if these people posting here are so proud to be white 'supremises' (hahaha!!!) why don't they leave their names???

  4. Unfortunately, the text to which you refer is not the 'complete text' of the Kloran. The copy held my MSU is not entirely accurate. I have an original copy of the Kloran, printed in the early 1900's. It was the property of an ancestor who was the Imperial Wizard of his Klan group. The Kloran closes with a history of the Klan called "Lecture No. 1". If you read this lecture you would might have a different opinion of the origins of the Klan.

    While I have no affiliation with the current Klan, I do have a historical appreciation for how they came to be.