Apr 4, 2007

Jordan fertility rate falling in half!

Jordan's fertility rate fell from 7.4 in 1976 to 3.2 in the most recent census, completed in 2004. This is expected to fall even further to 2 children per mother by 2020.
Very interesting article:


  1. I guess with economic growth, and the demanding lifestyle. It's hard to make more than 3.2 babies. And as the report predicts, going to drop even further to 2 kids per mother. Lower than that of the US in the suburbs (2.3).
    Does this mean Jordan is getting over populated or that people are unable to feed more than 2 kids anymore!

  2. i guess the government policies of economic strangulation of its own citizens has worked. And USAID poured so much money into containing the demographic threat around Israel, while Israel takes care of the demographic threat inside.