Nov 29, 2005

First Concert!

I love California, one for the sun, two for the mediterranean-like fruits & weather, and finally, for the active Muslim & Arab communities here!
I moved to the area 3 months ago, and quickly I found Aswat, a very impressive Arabic music community ensemble in San Francisco. I have joined as the most junior player on the Nay (which I've been playing for about 2 years). The group is very supportive and fun to be with. I played my first concert with Aswat at Mells College on Novermber 18th. Ah... I even got to do a short Taksim on Bayati.

Looking forward for weekends of Music.


  1. Arrabi! I didn't know you were in San Fran now! I also didn't know you played the nay! Cool :) You should come down to SD again, this time with your other half!

  2. Thanks Hala & Wael. Podcast... hm... never thought about it. I'll try.