Nov 25, 2005

A Jordanian wins Rhodes scholarship to Oxford

Tanya Haj-Hassan, a Jordanian American, wins the Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford.

The Rhodes Scholarship is THE most prestigious scholarship available to undergraduate students in the US. Every year, each university nominates their top 2-3 students to apply. Only 32 are chosen every year. The scholarship pays for 2-3 years study at Oxford.

To put it in perspective, the Rhodes scholarship was what put Bill Clinton, a farm boy from Mena, Arkansas, on the path to US presidency.

I know Tanya personally, and she's my friend's cousin. She has lived and studied in Jordan until she moved to Stanford to study Human Biology. She's very humble and extremely active. I really hope best for her, and I hope more Jordanians will win this scholarship in the future.

The scholarship is available to citizens of about 22 countries. It'll be great if it becomes available to Jordanian citizens also one day. I'm not sure how we can make this happen.

more about the scholarship:
notable winners:


  1. Congrats to your friend, Tanya. There is also a Muslim girl from Grand Rapids, MI and attends Rice University who won as well. Noorain F. Kahn's story is an inspiration to us all. I wish them both all the very best.

  2. Very inspiring story indeed. I have to say that the committee for choosing these Rhodes scholars is really good. They seem able to fetch cadidates who are really impressive.

  3. Very inspiring indeed. Just to correct. The name of scholar mentioned above is Noorain F. Khan (not 'Kahn').