Nov 24, 2005

Looking for NGOs in Jordan, please help

Hello all,
A friend of a friend, Jesse Torrence is looking for an NGO (non governmental organization) in Jordan to work at. He has degrees in International Relations and Economics from Harvard. If you know of any NGOs in Jordan who might be interested, please let Jesse ( know. Jesse's e-mail is below:
Dear All,

I will be relocating to the Middle East/North Africa region this December
most of next year and am interested in getting involved with some
organizations engaged in development work, particularly in Palestine, Egypt,
Lebanon, Syrian, or Jordan. I'm especially interested in the following
education, capacity building for Civil Society Orgs.,
microfinance,reproductive health/sexual education (esp. HIV/AIDS
and youth exchange. Do any of you know of any organizations(especially
in these fields) that could use someone with 2-3 years of experience in NGO
organizational management, project management, grant writing,
fundraising,event planning, and/or community organizing?

My needs in terms of compensation at this point are very minimal and my
availability in terms of time and specific location are still fairly

I would greatly appreciate any leads, contacts, or advice.

Jesse Torrence
IR, Econ '02


  1. check out


  2. Hate to be an arse but NGO is a non-governmental organization, not a non-profit organization

  3. I was gonna suggest jordandevnet too ;) it's an excellent resource on the internet.

    Save the Children have a good vacancy, but I think they want someone who's had experience with community work in Jordan. I'll email him the details anyways!

  4. Thanks much Anonymous and Lina for the link. It is indeed a great link. And Yazak, thanks for pointing the error out. I've fixed it. And please don't hesitate letting me know of any errors or comments you have on the blog.

    thanks guys,