Aug 14, 2006

Dear Lebanon, Thanks God

Dear Lebanon,

It seems absured to say Hamdellah Ala Assalameh (Thanks God for your safety), but in a way, it does have a meaning. War is like a disease; stopping it is the first step, and next is the recovery.

Yes, I see your scars and broken bones, but you have brave children, who believe in you and love you. They are smart and hardworking, and I believe in them, and I believe in you, and I believe you will be glorious again.

Regardless of who claims "victory", you have been the real loser. The ceasefire decision seems to have focused on "securing Israel." I hope that more decisions and actions will be taken on healing your scarred limbs and rebuilding your strength.

Sorry I did not write you during this month. It has been real hard to read the news, or even the blogs, every morning. I tried to isolate myself and just read history - hoping to see what has brought us to this state. I promise I will write you more often now, and I hope to visit you soon.

I heard an interview with an Israeli professor on NPR (national public radio) this morning. He said that there's a wide-spread feeling in Israel that this is not over. I think I can see how the Israeli army still wants revenge. Allah Yostor. Allah yjib elli feh elkhair.

ma3afah ya Lobnan.

Like your son,


  1. Welcome back to the land of the free. I'm sure you've barely been getting any sleep :)

  2. Nice words arrabi..

    I just keep wondering: is the war really over or is the worse yet to come?
    Wallahi I am not sure if anyone would know the answer, only time will tell...

    I totally agree that the people of Lebanon are the losers in this, I mean who can claim winning this war after all what we saw: Israel who failed to free the prisoners then wipe Hezbollah off the map (if I am not wrong this was their ANNOUNCED target when they first started the war) or Hezbollah after all the destruction and the killing of all those innocent women and children????

    Allah y3een all our brothers and sisters in Lebanon and Palestine…