Dec 23, 2011

Carb vs Fat Hypotheses (links)

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There's a debate raging in the scientific arena so far about Carb-Hypothesis vs Fat-Hypothesis. Is eating Fats that cause heart attacks and obesity, or is it refined carbs like sugar, white bread and white rice.
These are links for talks and articles by Gary Taubes who advocates the Carb-hypothesis:
Metabolic Syndrome X, in wikipedia
Taubes 2001 article, the soft science of diet.
Taube's original 2002 very-controversial article in The New York Times, Big FAT Lie
Interview with Taubes following his 2002 article, the Inside Story
An article about the "lack" of science on losing weight by working out "We Cannot Work it Out"
A lecture at UC Berkeley in 2007 following publication of his book "Quality of Calories" (webcast)
A lecture at Stevens Institute of Technology in 2008, Big Fat Lies (webcast)

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