Dec 23, 2011

Nuclear Jordan

(old post from ehcafe) 

Middle East is definitely heading to change in the next 20 years.
Saudi Arabia is shooting to become an industrial hub in the region, possibly hosting China's port and factories to the African Market.
Jordan is planning to become an IT and Nuclear provider in the region. Few articles on the net:
1- Jordan plans to build a nuclear plant by 2015 (and a uranium mine by 2012)
2- Jordan signs agreements with France, Canada, South Korea, Russia, UK, USA, & China regarding nuclear cooperation
3- US's Department of Energy to build a Nuclear Waste Facility next year in Jordan
4- Why Nuclear Power Plant makes sense for Jordan by a Jordanian Professor

what is most interesting, is that while #1-2 are for the long run, US is very fast to building a nuclear waste facility next year. I wonder what they'll put in it.
Is it possible that after 20 years we'll end up simply with a waste facility, and nothing else!

It's worth mentioning also that the whole region is turning to Nuclear Power. Algeria, Egypt & GCC (Arabian Gulf) countries are discussing the nuclear option seriously at this point.

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