Dec 23, 2011

Jordan – the cradle of internet start-ups

(old post from ehhcafe, june 2009. interesting to see how startup scene in jordan has come a long way)

Jordan – the cradle of internet start-ups

from Abu Dhabi's The National newspaper.
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Tom Gara

  • Last Updated: June 07. 2009 8:39PM UAE / June 7. 2009 4:39PM GMT

Thinking outside the box: driven by a need to create jobs for an educated young population, the heart of technological entrepreneurship beats fast in Jordan.

If you spend a lot of time reading about start-up internet companies in the Middle East, the same country pops up time and time again: Jordan.

It is one of the smallest nations in the Arab world, lacking the population of Egypt, the wealth of the Gulf or the history of Syria. But what it has, without a doubt, is the most exciting community of technology start-ups in the region.

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