Dec 23, 2011

Gary Taubes is wrong?

(old post from my lost blog at, july 2009)

I think I have finally found a book that argues for the Cholesterol-Hypothesis: that tries to go through the scientific evidence and show that Cholesterol indeed is the main cause of heart disease.

The Cholesterol Wars by Daniel Steinberg

I read so far 2 books that present the opposite argument:

  • Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary taubes
  • The Great Cholesterol Con by Anthony Colpo

I believe one has to read books with differing points of view to get to the right conclusion. I'm looking forward to reading The Cholesterol Wars.

Unfortunately I cannot find reviews for this book on the low-calorie forums. I call on Gary Taubes to review this book. Essentially this book says that Gary Taubes is wrong. Fat and not Refined Carbs are the evil components of our diet.

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