Dec 23, 2011

Interesting research by Egyptian American

(old post from ehcafe apr, 2009)
Nanotechnology is a very promising and facinating science. Today I learned about Dr Mostafa El-Sayed's research in this space. Dr El-Sayed, an Egyptian American, got the 2007 (awarded in late 2008) National Medal for Science - the US highest honor in the field.
The father-and-son research team at Georgia Tech, Mostafa & Ivan El-Sayed, pioneered a very interesting cure for skin cancer using golden nanorods . This initial solution is able to cure 100% of cancer cases in lab animals. They expect to have a human-cure in about 7 years. The technique mainly consists of sending golden nanorods in the body that attach to cancer cells only. And then these rods are heated using low-power laser beams that kill only the cancer cells, leaving the body cancer-free.
I've heard the theoretical side of this technique several times as a possible futuristic solution for many of the tough diseases. However, it's very nice to read that this is becoming a reality fast.

Great job by the likes of Dr El-Sayed and his team.

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